About Sangini

Our Vision

There will be increasing number of empowered BME (Black and minority ethnic) women and other currently excluded women involved in all aspects of civil and civic life, they will be influencing policies and recognised as decision makers in the mainstream.

Our mission

To improve the quality of women’s lives by increasing their physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being, through artistic, educational, cultural and recreational activities that also celebrate cultural diversity’.

Our aims

Promote health and wellbeing among women through education and development Promote inclusion, integration and participation through the arts, culture and social activities Challenge inequalities and invisiblity of women at grass-roots and policy level.

Our values are centered on the following:

The well being and health of all women

Empowering and uplifting minority women and excluded women

Learning, enjoyment, creativity and development through the arts

Promoting inclusion, integration and participation through the arts

Challenging the inequality and invisibility of women

Making a difference


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Volunteering  is simple, fun and rewarding. It's a way of you being able to get involved in a whole range of projects with us.If you are looking for volunteering please contact us.

Current Projects

Currently we are doing a cookery project called ''Melting Pot''

Another project "Stories from Our Sisters of Sunderland" .Please call or email for details


Please visit our Activities page for the workshops and projects.


Pennywell Community Centre
Portsmouth Road 

Telephone Number:0191 5346661