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Since its inception, Sangini has worked hard to foster cross-cultural relationships with different community groups in Sunderland through various arts, educational, cultural and social activities. This had helped to establish Sangini as a credible organisation to deliver arts based activities and through that contribute to the advancement of community cohesion at wider level in Sunderland.

Arts Development Strategy: In order to ensure a coherent development to our work, it was important that the organisation adopted a strategic approach to its arts based work and presented a clear rationale behind undertaking arts led activities to achieve objectives in the areas of culture, social inclusion and health. With this in view, the board has proposed an arts development plan. This is a draft working document and a copy is attached with this.

Mirror without Reflection – (2007)

Involving young women from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds participated in creative workshops including creative writing, song-writing, singing and film making to create a piece of film exploring their experiences of self-harm. The following quote demonstrates the impact this project had on one of the women involved: “I’ve found it really interesting and I’ve loved it. It was really good making up songs and it was nice to know that other people feel the same as well, and I learnt quite a bit and found it entertaining”

National Glass Centre / Sangini / Iniva Creative Arts project:

This project has taken place during May 08 as a direct result from a previous project with the National Glass Centre (NGC) which concluded in February 08. 6 women from the Srijoni group took part in the activities at NGC A week of creative activity in NGC studios with Srijoni a Bangladeshi women’s group from Sunderland led by Asma Begum and The English Martyrs School over 65’s Community Arts Group. The groups were invited to participate in numerous hands craft-based glass workshops supported by the NGC studio team of artists and London-based artist Chila Burman. Chila Burman’s work challenges stereotypical assumptions of Asian women. It is informed by popular culture, Bollywood, fashion, Hindu philosophy, Indian comics, mythology, music, popular culture and “her mum”. She uses a range of materials in her work; however before coming to NGC she had never directly worked in glass before.

Training for Difference Programme

Supported by Arts Council England, This will be a professional development course for Artists/Practitioners/Community Development Workers and Volunteers who are currently or wish to work within an arts and health environment, are committed to promoting diversity within their work, and develop specialist knowledge and skills for working in the health sector and consider new approaches to their work.



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